Make every birthday, work anniversary, and holiday matter

Help your team connect as they celebrate
each other’s special days, no matter
where they’re working.

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Celebrations, reimagined

Want a scientifically-backed path to greater inclusion, innovation, appreciation, and collaboration for your team? Positive rituals like celebrations are linked to psychological safety, growth mindsets, increased focus, improved motivation, elevated problem solving and more.

Step up in the moments that matter, and give everyone an opportunity to connect around important milestones with Donut Celebrations .

Donut is thinking about all your upcoming events

No one feels forgotten

Remembering birthdays, work anniversaries, and observed holidays shouldn’t be just one person’s job. That's why Donut Celebrations trigger notifications on key dates, taking the burden off of managers and HR to get the party started.

People are celebrating together, in-person, remote, and hybrid

Bring the team together when it counts

Celebrating big moments as a team helps keep people connected, energized, and engaged. Donut Celebrations lets teammates celebrate major milestones and enjoy their shared history and accomplishments, no matter if they're working remotely, in-office, or a hybrid of the two.

Individualized recognition

People have different recognition preferences, and that’s ok! Celebrations can be personalized by individual, so no one is forced to sit in the birthday spotlight.

Find new ways to celebrate each other

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