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How It Works

Donut helps you get your engineers productive faster with a structured, scalable onboarding process. From setting up code review buddies to sharing wikis, deliver the onboarding content your new engineers need right where they are: in Slack.

Engage onboarding stakeholders

Great onboarding is a team sport. Donut automates setting up and running an engineering buddy or mentoring system, and and nudges managers and DevOps to complete key onboarding tasks like picking a starter ticket.

Measure ramp velocity and collect feedback

Gather qualitative and quantitative feedback from new hires and managers with Donut to track how ramped your new engineers are in real time. You can also send surveys about different pieces of your process to iterate and improve on them.

Customized paths

Build onboarding content in modules that you can mix and match for different roles and locations, so your engineers get an onboarding experience customized to them.

Emil Sit Emil Sit
Toast, Engineering Director
“One key thing to do is eliminate as much as possible that stands between Day 1 and making a contribution.”
Toast’s Engineering team doubled. Learn how they scaled onboarding.
John Kline John Kline
Blue Apron, Engineering Manager
“Onboarding sets employees up for success, so understanding goals and milestones in the first 90 days is critically important.”
Get a peek into how Blue Apron optimized their engineering onboarding

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Still not sure if engineering onboarding matters? The best in the biz think it does.

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