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How it works

When you’re a new hire, who you know matters. Donut makes it easy to give new hires a warm welcome by introducing them to onboarding buddies, lunch pals, and other teammates they need to know.


Connect and Engage

Forming personal connections is a crucial part of onboarding. Send new hires targeted intros to onboarding buddies, key people on their team, and others in your organization. Include discussion prompts or icebreakers, and get insights on their meetings.

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Inform and Educate

Whether it’s company values, various tools, or just the WiFi password, getting up to speed can feel overwhelming to new hires. Stem that fire hose by sending bite-size pieces of wisdom to new hires at just the right time.

Take inspiration from Automattic’s knowledge distribution

See the impact

Want insights? We’ve got ‘em! Get weekly summaries, and see real-time feedback from new hires, their buddies, and their managers.

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Personalize Your Introductions

Get set up in 5 minutes with our plug-and-play introductions, or customize with your own prompt. You can even send different kinds of introductions based on an employee's role or location.

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“Making connections from Day 1 helps build empathy between the new hire and other teams.”
Stacey Nordwall Stacey Nordwall
Culture Amp, People Program Lead
“We want you to know the human parts of the people we have here—not that they're a data scientist, but that they have four kids and play cricket on weekends.”
Eastin Shipman Eastin Shipman
Slalom, Talent Acquisition Analyst
“Being paired with a buddy helps guide new hires and avoid common pitfalls.”
Anne McCarthy Anne McCarthy
Automattic, Happiness Engineer and Team Lead

Are meaningful connections critical to onboarding? They think so.

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Are meaningful connections critical to onboarding? They think so.

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