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Donut helps you create learning opportunities by
connecting employees looking to learn new skills
with experts inside your org excited to coach them.

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How It Works

Donut makes it easy to spread knowledge across the organization by connecting peers for learning opportunities. Want to launch a mentorship program? Encourage job shadowing across different departments? It's as easy as creating a Slack channel.

Run a Mentorship Program

Match mentors with mentees, and remind them to meet at various intervals. Group people based on department, topic, or seniority level.

Encourage Job Shadowing

Whether you subscribe to Everyone Does Support or you’re looking to move up a level in responsibilities, everyone stands to benefit from a job-shadow session at some point.


Level Up Teammates

Leverage the knowledge you have on the team by introducing colleagues for learning and feedback sessions, like code review pals or sales demo partners.


Build Supportive Networks

Encourage peers to share challenges, advice, and little wins—whether it’s with manager meetups, or coordinator coffees.

Connect Peers for Learning Opportunities


Allyship in Action

Foster meaningful dialogue and shared accountability for behaviors of inclusion. Create a dedicated channel and invite everyone to join - especially senior leaders.


Create a Code Pals Program

Ship better code and ensure continued growth for your team by matching teammates up to review code together.


Set Up Sales Demo Buddies

Create opportunities for continuous feedback by matching up sales team members to shadow each other's sales calls.


Peer Mentorship

Create deeper cross-team connections by assigning peers for a 1-hour mentorship session once a quarter, inspired by Buffer.

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