Wave goodbye to silos

Donut breaks down communication silos and increases productivity by connecting employees across offices or teams.

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How It Works

Donut automatically introduces employees across teams (think: marketing and engineering) or offices (Vancouver, meet New York). Just invite Donut to join a channel in your Slack workspace, and watch those silos come down.


Automate cross-team intros

Specify which groups, teams, or offices you’d like to pair across. Donut takes care of the rest.


Watch collaboration grow

Witness the silo destruction in real time with detailed reporting on who’s met and how the meetings went.


Limitless silo destruction

Want to introduce sales to product? Boston engineers to Dublin engineers? Create as many cross-group pairing channels as you’d like.


Perfect for transitions

Whether you’ve just opened a new office, entered a hypergrowth phase, or gone through an M&A, Donut ensures everyone stays connected.

Why is silo destruction important? There's research behind it.

Silos compromise a unified vision—and cause teams to work against each other.

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They kill productivity, halt innovation, and destroy morale.

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Relationships are a key component of working across silos.

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Why is silo destruction important? There's research behind it.

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