Socialize serendipitously.

Introduce teammates for
virtual coffees or post prompts
in channels that inspire
lively conversations.

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Donut is the ultimate Slack app for team building. Set up Donut in minutes and start building more camaraderie.

How It Works

Just create a Slack channel and invite the right people—Donut takes care of creating those serendipitous social collisions that build trust and collaboration.

Donut app: teammate intros and bonding in Slack

Help Teammates Get to Know Each Other

Introduce teammates who might not know each other via direct message, and encourage them to meet or chat remotely.

Donut app: virtual watercooler channel in Slack

Take Your Watercooler Virtual

Post conversations prompts in channels that encourage sharing (and friendly debates) like "what's your favorite form of potato?" or "what song have you had on repeat?"

Donut app: employee anniversary recognition in Slack

Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries as a Team

Automatically create moments of connection around birthdays and work anniversaries with Donut Celebrations.

Donut app: distributed team intros in Slack

Build Bonds Across Departments or Distances

Engineering, meet marketing. SF, meet Dublin. Create authentic relationships by ensuring that teammates from different departments or locations get to know each other.

Donut app: coffee chat announcement in Slack

Run a Lottery Program

Pick lucky winners out of a channel to go to a special lunch on the company, have a coffee break with the CEO, or to volunteer for programming like lunch-and-learns.

Create Camaraderie and Community

InVision’s Remote-Friendly Connections

Human connection matters. Build community and create belonging like InVision, one of the world's largest distributed teams.


Run a Lunch Lottery

Create an automated lunch lottery where Donut selects one group to grab sponsored lunch together each round.


Intro Teammates Across Regions

Minimize distance between teammates by introducing people from different locations.


Create a CEO Coffee Lottery

Randomly select one or more lucky winner(s) to grab coffee and meet with the CEO periodically.

Great Donut Selfies from Great Companies

Great Donut Selfies from Great CompaniesGreat Donut Selfies from Great Companies
Clark Valberg
Clark Valberg
InVision, CEO & Co-Founder
“As a largely remote company Donut helps us strengthen personal connections and InVision's company culture.”
Read how InVision powers their culture and communication
Stacey Nordwall
Stacey Nordwall
Culture Amp, Senior People Ops Manager
“Camper Coffee Lottery is one of our most popular Slack channels. It is consistently updated with pictures and funny blurbs of people’s meetings.”
Read how Culture Amp stays connected as a global company
Josh Irons
Josh Irons
Converge Consulting, COO
“For us, the choice to use Donut was simple. As a quickly growing company, it is imperative that we strengthen our unique culture because it is what got us to where we are today.”
Read how Donut strengthened Converge Consulting’s company culture across two offices
Todd Kaplinger
Todd Kaplinger
IBM, Lead Architect
“On one of my Donut dates I met someone working on a different component of the same project, so we decided to do an end-to-end demo to highlight the work our two teams are doing. It was a huge hit, and it wouldn't have happened without Donut.”
Read how IBM is using Slack and Donut to persuade software engineers to socialize

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