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Donut will seamlessly introduce discussion topics to get the conversation flowing—right in Zoom. Get started in 5 clicks or less.

Donut Icebreakers for Zoom meetings available in the Zoom app marketplace

Build engagement and trust across teams

Teams that play together, stay together. And they also win together.

Add Donut to Zoom to use Icebreakers, a game that makes your virtual calls more inclusive, engaging, and fun. Simply launch the app, and questions will appear to help your employees get to know each other.

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Host meetings your remote teams will look forward to

For companies that have primarily remote and hybrid workers, Zoom fatigue is real. When you’re in back-to-back virtual calls, it’s not necessarily easy to stay engaged.

With Donut for Zoom, teammates can start their calls with questions that break the ice, jumpstart conversation at the start of an all-team meeting, get the creative juices flowing, or kick off a standup. Topics are built in, or you can create your own.

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Run virtual meetings that actually produce impact

63% of workers say they’re more collaborative in their work when they have relationships with coworkers.

Donut for Zoom fosters conversations that help build a healthy culture where people can do their best work. Feeling adventurous? Use Icebreakers mid-call to jumpstart a sluggish meeting.

“I’m a big proponent of culture and trying to get everyone talking at the beginning of the meeting, so they feel comfortable—that's something I've learned in my DEI journey. I use this app to bring a better culture to my team.”
Jimena Cuadros Jimena Cuadros
Signal Advisors, Senior Software Engineer
“I was surprised that this little prompt took us to a place of such joy and connection! Donut Icebreakers were extremely easy to set up too, no one else had to do anything besides the presenter and it just worked.”
Ermis Zacharopoulos Ermis Zacharopoulos
Pleo, Head of Culture and Experience
“I loaded Donut for Zoom to get everyone warmed up. It was nice to see people engaging in a variety of ways, whether they were coming off mute to answer, posting in chat, or responding to something someone else said. ”
Will Gilbert Will Gilbert
Ink Communications, Employee Experience Manager

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