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Calendar view of a Donut onboarding Journey with messages to the new hire and manager plus a buddy intro.

Build an efficient and engaging onboarding program with Donut Journeys

New hires decide within six months whether or not they plan to stay with your company. If your onboarding program is disorganized and unimpressive, your new hires are more likely to have one foot out the door.

Donut keeps your new hires engaged throughout the entire onboarding process with custom messages and clear, quick next steps.

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Image showing new hires, managers, contractors, and interns scheduled to receive Donut Journeys.

Templatize (and customize) the new-hire experience

With Donut, you can customize onboarding programs for different roles, departments, locations, and more, making new hires feel special and engaged.

Create Journeys for each specific team, or one for all. Either way, your Journeys will work over and over again, saving you time, stress, and headaches.

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Donut Slack message introducing Malia to onboarding buddy Raj, and a response from Raj about meeting prep.

Introduce new hires to their teammates

Encourage peer connections that drive teamwork, transparency, and growth. Think of it as the workplace version of the buddy system.

Donut helps you connect teammates for virtual coffee chats, meetups, and more. Make strategic introductions for your new hires, resulting in more collaboration, higher levels of trust, and better performance.

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Customer Case Study: Restaurant365

Restaurant365, a restaurant management platform, was looking for employee onboarding software that would help them automate their onboarding program and decrease administrative work.

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