A screenshot of a digital calendar displaying a week's schedule, including public speaking training sessions, participant announcements, and feedback entries. Days without events are left blank.

Automate the manual tasks that take time and precision

Ditch the time-consuming work that comes with setting your employees up for success.

Create processes for programs like onboarding, training, mentorship, events, and offboarding, then use them over and over. Automatically add employees to Slack channels, run buddy programs, collect quick-pulse feedback, and more.

As your company grows, simply sit back and watch as Donut Journeys does the manual work for you.

A table displays start dates, new hires with profile photos, and training journeys, including "New Manager Training," "Contractor Onboarding," "Full-Time Employee Onboarding," and "Internship Full Lifecycle.

Send the right messages to the right people — at the right time

Get your people the materials they need quickly, so they can start making an immediate impact on the business.

Schedule your messages and action items, no matter the type of program you’re running, to be automatically delivered via Slack or email at the time you choose.

Integrate with your HRIS platform to make it even easier to create consistent, scalable people programs.

Keep your employees engaged and your results strong

Offer opportunities for continual growth and meaningful connection throughout an employee’s tenure.

At the same time, keep track of your program results to prove the impact you’re making. Donut’s reporting dashboard lets you access detailed program insights, collect feedback from participants, and gain accountability – no matter the program you’re running.