Leading brands use Donut to build engaging, scalable learning and development programs

A chat message discussing New Manager Training, suggesting topics such as useful tips, differences in feedback solicitation as a manager versus a report, and focusing on specific people management aspects.

Train (and retain) your new hires and top talent

Research has shown that employees who are offered opportunities to learn and grow will stay at their company longer than those who aren’t afforded those opportunities.

Keep your new hires and top talent engaged with training programs built right into the tools you already use. Configure training workflows for Slack or email, and Donut Journeys will automatically deliver messages and action items to participants.

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A computer screen displays a training dashboard with five sections: Journey Tips, New Manager Introduction, New Manager Tips & Announcements, Public Speaking & Communication, and New Manager Self-Reflection & Feedback.

Build training program templates that scale

Whether you need to deliver new manager training, technical or safety training for specific teams, or security training for every employee, Donut will help you save time and effort creating these.

What’s more, every template you create can be repurposed over and over. So every time you have a new hire or new manager start, you can get them up to speed fast.

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A screenshot of a messaging platform showing an introductory message for a manager meetup channel. It invites participants to join and outlines the agenda for their leadership discussion.

Create a culture of continuous learning and support

Help your employees unlock their full potential with engaging training programs they’ll love to participate in.

Donut helps you connect your employees to the right training programs automatically. They’ll appreciate the opportunities for growth and development, and you’ll love seeing the higher employee satisfaction rates as a result.

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Customer Case Study: Toast

Toast, a point-of-sale and management system for the restaurant industry, was looking for a solution that could help their new hires not only onboard, but set up training environments for their engineering team as well.

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