Leading brands use Donut to automate and scale their belonging and inclusion programs

A Donut message welcoming four team members to a meeting about allyship with a shared agenda and ground rules. The background is yellow concentric circles.

Create a welcoming, inclusive culture for everyone

Recent research says workplace belonging leads to better job performance and reduced risk of turnover.

Donut Channels helps your employees feel connected, supported, and included — which will ultimately help you reach your HR goals. From virtual coffee chats to automated messages of celebrations, Donut is the employee experience platform that brings your people together.

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Host virtual meetings where everyone has a voice

It doesn’t matter whether you work remotely, in the office, or a mix of both — virtual meetings can make people shut down and disengage.

Set the tone for more welcoming, engaged meetings instead with Donut for Zoom. The Icebreakers app helps teams spark fun, informal conversations that help everyone bring their voice and A-game to all of your virtual meetings.

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Welcome all opinions at your creative meetings

Creative meetings and brainstorming sessions can be terrifying, even for people who have a strong sense of belonging within a team. Foster new levels of trust and inclusion, so your teams can do their best work.

With Donut for FigJam, you have access to nine exercises that’ll help you host more comfortable [and impactful] meetings. Simply download the widget in your Figma instance to use it instantly.

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Customer Case Study: Quartet

Quartet, a platform that helps people get mental health care, was looking for an employee experience platform that would support their belonging and inclusion program — specifically, set their ERGs up for success.

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