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The fastest way to get started with Donut


Get Started For Free Get Started For Free
  • Invite new hires to join your Donut Slack channel
  • Automate up to 3 messages per Journey
  • Intro up to 24 users per round in 1 Slack channel
  • Access 12 default Watercooler topics in 1 Slack channel
  • Up to 24 Celebrations messages in 1 Slack channel
  • Google Calendar and Zoom integrations


For smaller, less complex organizations


Get Started For Free Get Started For Free Everything you get with Free, plus:
  • Use Donut across multiple Slack channels
  • Automate up to 6 messages per Journey
  • Unlimited Intros, Watercooler topics, and Celebrations messages
  • Access to advanced Intros settings, including custom group size and messages
  • Access to Donut's full library of Watercooler topics (and customize your own)
  • Customize your Celebrations messages


For fast-growing teams needing more options


Get Started For Free Get Started For Free Everything you get with Standard, plus:
  • Send unlimited messages per Journey including emails and Slack messages
  • Unlimited automations per Journey including Intros and invites to Slack channels
  • Send complete prebuilt Journeys for onboarding, training, and more
  • Watercooler for Slack Enterprise Grid channels


The ultimate way to scale your people programs

Let’s talkLet’s talk

Request a Demo Not Available Everything you get in Premium, plus:
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Access to priority support
  • Annual invoice billing
  • Ideal for teams and companies over 500 employees


Icebreakers that ignite more engaging Zoom meetings


Get Started For Free Get Started For Free
  • Access to 300+ icebreaker prompts
  • 10+ customizable icebreaker packs
  • Unlimited custom prompts
  • Single-host activation for easy participation


Connect teammates and foster engagement in Microsoft Teams


Get Started For Free Get Started For Free
  • Automatically pair teammates for virtual or in-person meetings
  • Unlimited Intros
  • Easy scheduling with Outlook calendar
  • Custom frequency settings


FigJam exercises to level up your creative meetings


Get Started For Free Get Started For Free
  • Unlimited creative exercises
  • Out-of-the-box warmups to help your team think creatively and connect
  • Seamless integration with FigJam whiteboard

*Pricing starts here and depends on number of users and billing frequency

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Answers here to FAQs

  • How does the Free plan work?

    The Free plan includes up to 24 intros per round in 1 Donut channel, 12 default Watercooler topics in 1 Donut channel, and 24 Celebrations messages in 1 Donut channel on your workspace. You can have up to 3 Donut channels total on the Free plan: 1 Intros channel, 1 Watercooler channel, and 1 Celebrations channel. You’re also welcome to use a combination of Intros, Watercooler, and Celebrations in the same channel if you like (they do not have to be 3 separate channels).

    Donut Intros are limited to 12 pairs (a lucky dozen!) per round of Intros. If you have more than 24 people in the channel, Donut will randomly choose 24 to pair up each round, and will eventually cycle through everyone in the channel.

    Watercooler topics are limited to 1 Donut channel (can be the same as or different from your Intros channel). The Free plan only includes the Default Dozen topics Pack, and topics cannot be customized.

    Celebrations are limited to 24 birthday or anniversary messages in 1 Donut channel, and you are limited to default Celebrations messages – they cannot be customized.

    Journeys are limited to 3 messages per Journey. You can create your own or select from several of our pre-built options with content ready to go (including the Free New Hire Onboarding Journey that is fully compatible with the Free plan).

  • What plan includes Journeys?

    Donut Journeys features are available on all plans. Free and Standard teams have limitations on the number of messages per Journey:

    The Free plan is limited to 3 messages per Journey.

    The Standard plan is limited to 6 messages per Journey.

    Upgrade to a Premium plan to unlock unlimited messages per Journey.

    If you have any questions about your plan or billing, please reach out to [email protected].

  • Is billing done monthly or annually?

    Billing is done monthly or annually by credit card for both Standard and Premium. If you are on a monthly plan, you can start or stop anytime with no commitment.

    Both monthly and annual billing plans are priced based on actual usage. If you enroll in a monthly plan and change billing tiers mid-month, a credit or fee will be added to the next month’s bill. If you enroll in an annual plan and change billing tiers over the course of the year, a credit or fee will automatically be added to your card, and you will be notified via email.

    Both monthly and annual plans can be cancelled anytime. Once you cancel your team’s paid subscription, no further payments will be taken, but we do not refund payments already made. Annual subscriptions that are cancelled partway through the year will not be refunded.

    Enterprise plans include an annual flat fee that is paid upfront and can be done via ACH or wire transfer.

  • How much will Donut cost?

    Standard plans start at $49 USD per month (billed annually), and pricing is determined by the number of people in Donut channel(s) receiving Intros, Watercooler topics, and/or Celebrations messages.

    Premium plans start at $99 USD per month (billed annually). Pricing is determined by the number of people in Donut channel(s) receiving Intros, Watercooler topics, and/or Celebrations messages, plus the number of people involved in Donut custom workflows.

    See our pricing calculator above to help estimate your monthly usage, or visit our pricing FAQs for more info.

  • Who counts as an active Donut user?

    If you’re on a Standard or Premium plan, active Donut users include the number of unique people on your billing account receiving Intros, Watercooler topics, and/or Celebrations messages + people receiving messages from Donut as part of a Journey. This includes new hires, participants, and anyone else involved in a Journey like managers, HRBPs, IT, and more.

    A person only counts as 1 active user, no matter how many Donut channel(s) they belong to, or whether they’re involved in a Journey as well.

    If someone does not respond to 3+ Intros in a row, Donut automatically opts them out of receiving Intros and removes them from billing. They can opt back in anytime.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    If you’d like to test Standard or Premium features, we offer a 14-day free trial.

    You can use our Free plan for as long as you’d like.

  • Do you offer special pricing for nonprofits, educational institutions, or free Slack-based communities?

    Yes, we do! If you’re a registered nonprofit organization, a nonprofit educational institution, or free Slack-based community (with no membership fees), we may have a special plan that fits your needs. Contact [email protected] for more info.

  • I have questions on security. My teams needs a security review or questionnaire completed.

    We’re right there with you. We know your most sensitive data lives in Slack, and we take that seriously. Please review our terms of service, privacy policy, DPA, and a summary of FAQs for more info on data access and security.

    Note: We’re unable to complete security reviews or questionnaires for Standard or Premium subscriptions. Security reviews are accessible with Enterprise plans.

  • Can I pay only for my own Donut users (not Donut users in other channels)?

    Yes! If your team has multiple departments using Donut, and you’d like to pay for only the users in your channel(s) we’d be happy to set up a separate billing account for you.

    Get in touch at [email protected] and we’ll give you a hand with setup.

  • What currency do you bill in?

    We bill in US Dollars.

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