Boost employee engagement by bringing coworkers together

Encourage team connection by bringing peers together — right in Microsoft Teams. Breakdown silos and create a workplace where people can thrive.

Donut Intros for Microsoft Teams

Introduce teammates and empower them to connect

Research shows that companies with highly engaged employees means higher performance, profits, and retention.

Support better connection and engagement with Donut Intros for Teams. Make sure your employees — both new and tenured — are getting to know their peers regularly, and interacting with others in different locations and departments.

Donut Intros for Microsoft Teams

Break down silos — or prevent them from forming

Silos can form whether you work at a small startup or a complex enterprise.

When you connect Donut to Teams, you’ll choose a team and channel, and Donut will automatically make introductions. Pair people from across departments to help everyone better understand current projects, focus areas, and workloads — which leads to more connection and better business outcomes.

Use settings to customize intros

Create a workplace where people want to stay and thrive

People stay at companies where they feel appreciated, fulfilled, and engaged.

Customize your Donut for Teams experience in the way it works best for your company. Choose the channels, then tailor the time, frequency, and messages to maximize the employee experience. It’s easy to find a time to meet with the Outlook calendar integration, or they can chat right away with the click of a button.

Connect your teams with Donut

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