Leading brands use Donut to automate and scale their employee mentoring programs

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Automate a mentorship program that drives results

Research has shown that companies with mentoring programs are more profitable and enjoy higher retention rates.

Create structure around your mentorship programs with Donut. Configure a mentorship program workflow, then Donut Journeys will automatically deliver that workflow to the right people — all within Slack or email.

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A chat message from an app introducing a monthly mentorship matchmaking service for career growth, listing discussion topics like job focus, professional background, career goals, current projects, and improvement areas.

Create reusable mentorship program templates

With Donut, you can customize mentorship programs for various departments, roles, locations, and more, setting your employees up for success.

Create templates for specific teams, or create one for the entire company. Reuse your templates every time new hires start to scale your mentorship program and reduce tedious, manual work.

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A chat screen showing a message from "donut" introducing a peer mentorship program and listing discussion topics, followed by individual responses from "rowan" and "jae" confirming their participation.

Bring unlikely connections together

Facilitate meaningful interactions between mentors and mentees, which will increase program impact.

Donut helps you enroll participants automatically, connect the right teammates, reduce administrative time spent on your program, and automate communications.

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Customer Case Study: Axios

Axios, an online news outlet, was looking for a tool that would support employee engagement, training, and mentoring — among other things. With Donut, they've built automated, people-first programs.

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