A digital menu titled "Creative Warmups" showing three options: "Alternate Uses," "Drawsome," and "Wild Ideas Only," each with brief descriptions and respective icons. Purple concentric circles in the background.

Help your team go the distance with brain warmups

Launch Creative Warmups to remind teammates there’s no such thing as a wrong suggestion.

These exercises — Alternative Uses, Drawsome, and Wild Ideas Only – focus on out-of-this-world situations to help your team let down their guard, build connections, and feel more comfortable sharing their ideas.

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A digital interface displaying three exercise options under "Design Thinking": "8 Minutes, 8 Ideas", "Round Robin", and "Like, Wish, Wonder.

Keep your meetings on time and on track

Initiate a Bring Your Own Topic exercise to help structure a brainstorm or feedback session.

Meetings can get out of control quickly. These exercise – 8 Minutes 8 Ideas, Round Robin, and Like, Wish, Wonder — help teams build processes around sharing ideas and giving feedback in a creative and engaging way.

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A graphical interface titled "Share and Tell" with three options: Favorite Things, Social Standup, and Watercooler, each with a brief description and an accompanying icon. Two overlapping circles are in the background.

Fuel great ideas with unexpected conversations

Start Share & Tell exercises to help team members get to know each other and build rapport.

Favorite Things, Social Standup, and Watercooler encourage participants to share their own experiences and learn new things about their peers. Think of it like a game of show and tell that has a real impact on your team’s collaborative relationships.

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