20 Downloadable Custom Emojis to Make Work More Fun

Make your work conversations sweeter with downloadable Donut custom emojis.

Quick exercise: without thinking about it too much, what’s the most fun thing about working in Slack?

Did you answer emoji reactions? Custom emojis? Emoji-powered Slackbots? If Slack emojis factored into your answer, you’re in good company. With remote & hybrid work making opportunities for non-verbal communication scarce, emoji-led chatter is having a moment. (Seriously, read the thinkpiece! 📖)

As far as emojis go, the Unicode-sanctioned set is great, but sometimes you need more; whether you’re using emojis to call back to inside jokes, meme culture, or role-specific language, there are plenty of opportunities to make your Slack emoji set your own. (Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to add your own emojis, per Slack.) Need a starting point? The cult-favorite site Slackmojis is the go-to resource for new custom emojis, both still images and gifs. It’s a self-described fansite with 270k monthly visits, and basically the Wikipedia of Slack emojis.

There are other ways to customize, too: are you the person who waits in line for the newest Apple products to drop 🍎? Maybe you choose to pre-create the next emoji batches before they’re released. Or, if you prefer something a little more tailored, you can always create your own emojis 🎨!

We love our emojis at Donut, so we’re so excited to share our custom Donut emoji pack with the world 🍩! Our team uses it every day. Whether you’re using them to react to interesting Watercooler discussions or to celebrate your next round of Intros, these emojis are sure to put a smile on your face. (Isn’t the little Donut face just the cutest?)

Some fan-favorite picks:

  • Heart-eyed Donut… for when you’re totally in awe or impressed, like when a designer unveils a new prototype, or a seller closes a hard-won deal 😍.
  • Royal Donut… for when someone has gone above and beyond! (Or if you’re just feeling fancy 👑)
  • Scared Donut… the gif for if something were to hypothetically break. Which wouldn’t happen. But if it did, this would be the go-to 😱.
  • Donut Party Parrot… need we say more? 🦜


Download our Donut Emojis to use in your Slack workspace today!

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