Workplace Connection Drives Morale, Belonging, Retention, and Performance

…Among other benefits. We launched a study to understand the impact of workplace connection and friendship, and the results speak for themselves.

Even before the pandemic, we heard near-constant discourse from our customers and community about the efficiency of distributed work models and the potential tradeoffs for team performance, connection, and retention. In fall 2022, Donut surveyed a wide swath of current corporate workers, which included active Donut users, to gauge their sentiments about their preferred ways to work – and how work culture has fared during the rapid evolution of the workplace.

The survey responses included a pool of 30% remote workers, 25% in-person workers, and 43% hybrid workers; 18% of those surveyed use Donut in their current role. As such, the findings are representative of a vast array of the corporate workforce, and key takeaways can be applied to companies of all sizes and industries.

We learned:

  • The importance of workplace friendships for employee effectiveness
  • The relationship between workplace flexibility and retention
  • Other factors crucial to productivity in the evolving workplace.

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Impact of Workplace Connection Report Cover

Key takeaways:

  • Meeting coworkers or collaboration are top benefits of working in the office.
  • Coworker connection drives collaboration and retention.
  • Companies that offer Donut see greater loyalty, connection between colleagues, and perception of their employer as a great place to work.

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78% of current Donut users think their company fosters a sense of belonging, compared to only 57% of non-Donut users.