15+ Social Events and Games for Remote Teams

Working remotely doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fun time with colleagues. There are plenty of games, activities, and events that are tailor made for bridging distances.

Creative mindgames + conversation starters (no tech required)

  1. Taboo or “guess the word” – get your partner(s) to guess a secret word without actually saying it
  2. Name that movie – describe a movie title (without using any of the words) and get your partner(s) to guess
  3. Name that song – give only one keyword or phrase from the song as a clue
  4. Would you rather (SFW edition!) – now’s your chance to find out if your teammates would rather eat only salad or only dessert for the rest of their lives
  5. Six degrees of Kevin Bacon – you can connect any celeb back to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less if you really try
  6. Two truths and a lie (SFW edition!) – share two truths and a lie about yourself, and have everyone guess which is which

Group-friendly digital games

  1. Words with Friends – challenge each other to a real-time Scrabble game on video chat
  2. Drawize – like Pictionary, but digital!
  3. Play Codenames online – the Internet-friendly version of everyone’s new favorite party game
  4. Jackbox games – browse a selection of digital games and party packs made to be played digitally starting from just $9.99
  5. Kahoot quizzes – spin up your own trivia games (and consider awarding a prize to the winner!)

Remote-Friendly Events

  1. Team lunch – gather everyone on a Zoom or Slack call for a group meal and conversation (here are some icebreakers!)
  2. BYOB happy hour – ask everyone to grab their favorite beverage, and set up a crowd-sourced Spotify playlist
  3. Ask-Me-Anything – get team leads or special guests to sign onto Slack at an appointed hour to answer questions from “what was your first job?” to “which is better, Dough or Doughnut Plant?”
  4. “Share a Skill” sessions – set up virtual lunch-and-learns where one teammate takes the lead on sharing a special skill, from shaking the perfect margarita to drawing a lifelike cartoon
  5. Book club – host weekly or biweekly sessions to dish on plot twists and symbolism
  6. Coworking – ask teammates to turn their cameras on and mics off for a multi-hour coworking session that will make you feel like you’re in the same room

Did we miss anything? Email us with your ideas, and we’ll add ’em to this list (with credit!)

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