How Restaurant365 Saves Time on New Hire Onboarding with Donut Journeys

Restaurant365 used Journeys to automate their onboarding program and decreased administrative time by 25%.


Restaurant365, which powers restaurants from Luke’s Lobster to IHOP, is a longtime Donut customer. They use Journeys to automate their onboarding program and decreased time spent administering that program by 25%

New hires love it, too. They’ve given feedback like: “Onboarding was delightful because I was able to complete tasks without reaching out for assistance. The process flowed seamlessly!” and ““The reminders from Donut were invaluable.”

Here’s a peek at Restaurant365’s impactful onboarding program:

Key Preboarding Emails

Setting expectations and offering pre-boarding support is key. Restaurant365 automatically sends branded emails with need-to-knows to new hires prior to start date.

Supporting Managers

Restaurant365 knows that helping managers support their new hires has an outsize impact. They send managers nudges to schedule check-ins, set goals, and more.

Benefits Reminders

There are endless tasks to be checked off the list. Restaurant365 ensures nothing falls through the cracks by automating tasks like benefits enrollment reminders – and tracks completion via reporting so follow-ups are targeted to folks that need them.

People Manager Onboarding

Different roles have different onboarding needs. Restaurant365 provides additional resources and training for incoming people managers via a separate Journey that they can layer in as needed.