How It Works

Customizable, automated posts in the channel of your choice for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Recapture the fun of celebrating together in the office! (Balloons and cake not included... for now.)

a list of Slack channels: #general, #celebrations, #social, #watercooler

Choose a channel

Start your team’s Celebrations by creating a new Donut channel
or adding Celebrations to existing Slack channels, including
channels with Intros and Watercooler already set up!

Celebrations message settings: Birthday messages are toggled on for this Slack channel. Anniversary messages are toggled off. This shows that you can manage which celebrations messages you want configured to your Slack channel

Set up your Celebrations

Birthdays and work anniversaries are both important milestones
in an employee’s year, as well as key moments of connection
among the team. Select if the channel will be for birthdays,
work anniversaries, or both.

buttons where you can either import csv dates or manually add dates.

Easily add dates

Import work anniversaries and birthdays from your HRIS, or upload via CSV. Dates saved in Donut will intelligently apply to all future Celebrations channels, saving you time and re-work down the line. You can choose to send Celebrations for each individual event, or group them by day, week, or month.

a Slack modal that shows a cursor clicking to toggle off birthday celebrations messages

Let people personalize their own settings

Not a birthday person? No problem. Anyone can customize
how they’d like to be celebrated, starting with public
notification settings for birthdays.

the window in the donut dashboard that allows you to create custom celebration messages. the date, celebration title and description that will be shared in a slack message are shown in separate fields along with a preview of the message.

Pick your special days

Make holidays, milestones, and other important team days
more fun and celebratory with Custom Celebrations.

Screenshot of a Slack conversation. Message from 'donut APP' at 9:00 AM: 'Today is @tom's 2nd anniversary at the company! Congratulations!' Laura responds: 'I can't believe it's been 2 years! so fun working with you!' Scott adds: 'WOW! You've done so much for the company in only 2 years!

Celebrate with your team

The best part of special days is celebrating with your team.
Share the glow right in Slack.

“Donut's Celebrations allow me to focus on fostering company culture while simultaneously checking off boxes on my to-do list without a second thought.”
Will Gilbert Will Gilbert
INK Communications Co., Employee Experience Manager
“Being a fully remote team, Donut keeps our team members continually engaged and connected. We love how easy it is for us to touch base and celebrate each other's milestones, no matter where we are in the world!”
Roxanne Janiczek Roxanne Janiczek
Yembo, Director of People Operations
“We're loving the celebrations messages! We have a very global team, so it very much fits in with our asynchronous communication culture.”
Emily Witko Emily Witko
Hugging Face, Recruiting & Operations

Celebrate your team!

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