Networking and productivity in 2023

What did we learn from teams using Donut in 2023? The implications of hybrid work are still dominating the conversation, but the importance of continuous learning and connected leadership have stood out, too. The dawn of the AI age has put focus squarely on productivity, and how we can intelligently use automation in a human-centered way to achieve more together. Above all, the most successful teams are embracing change and experimental mindsets.

In 2023, Donut helped build networks and launch internal programs that enhanced collaboration, boosted productivity, and allowed teams to achieve their best results. We’re proud to share the last year in review!

What we saw


Internal networking is not optional

Teams continue to invest resources in building internal employee networks because connecting people across teams, regions, and levels pays off. Making intentional connections is even more important on enterprise-size teams, where sheer size and hybrid work can interfere with relationship building. In 2023, Donut made nearly 2.5 million connections for 20,000+ teams, including 25,000 introductions for one well-networked company.



Teams are still growing by leaps and bounds

Comprehensive onboarding for new hires is critical to increasing productivity and reducing ramp time, and leveraging automation to make it better was a priority this year. Donut onboarded tens of thousands of new hires in 2023, including over 1,000 new hires for one fast-growing team.


You had a productive year

2023’s buzzwords were productivity and automation, and you embraced them. Donut saved countless hours by sending nearly 350,000 onboarding introductions, preboarding emails, quick-pulse polls, tasks, and more.


Recognition matters

It’s not just about what you get done: it’s about how you do it. Way to recognize your team! Donut users sent 163,000 compliments to their teammates in 2023.

Teams are doing more with Donut

Journeys made it easy to roll out human-centered programming for peer mentorship, trainings, events and offsites, internships, employee resource groups, and more. 12 prebuilt Journeys with hundreds of ready-made messages allowed teams to do more with the resources they already have.