Donut works with leading platforms, so you can optimize the tools you rely on daily.

Unified communication, right where the work happens

Integrate with Slack or Teams to connect strategically in your everyday collaboration tools. Chat, meet, message—no context switching needed.

Cut data entry and save time with HRIS Integrations

Integrate with 50+ HRIS systems to automatically import employee data like start dates and roles. This makes ramping up new hires, coordinating strategic introductions, and celebrating important milestones easier than ever.

Connect your HRIS

Connect your work calendar

Integrations with Google and Microsoft calendars allow Donut to intelligently scan for overlapping availability, so you can spend less time scheduling and more time connecting.

Streamline your meetings

Leverage Zoom and Microsoft Teams integrations to start face-to-face meetings, directly from your team’s messaging platform.

Donut’s app for Zoom promotes better engagement by introducing icebreakers within your meeting.

Bring connection and creativity into your virtual whiteboarding

Donut’s FigJam widget integrates team building exercises directly into your FigJam brainstorming sessions. With icebreakers and creative warmups the widget helps distributed teams build trust and tap into their creativity.

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