How It Works

Donut will introduce teammates for different purposes via direct message right in Slack. Get started in 5 minutes or less.

Choose Your Template

Browse our selection of easy-to-use templates or build your
own by customizing your intro message, group size, and

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Create a Donut Channel

Create a new Slack channel just for your Donut program, and
name it something descriptive like
#cross-functional-team-meetup or #code-pals.

Establish Connections

Invite employees to join your channel—Donut will start making
introductions between teammates based on your company’s
business goals. Automatically import HRIS data to make
Intros based on role, office location, and more.

Provide Ongoing Engagement

Go beyond the initial intro by adding interactive elements to your channels. Donut provides stats in your Intro channel after each round to keep the team motivated and engaged.

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Okta’s Virtual Coffee Program

Is your team working remotely? Give your team opportunities for human connection through biweekly virtual coffees.

Hybrid Walk & Talk

Dedicate time to catch up and stretch your legs away from the screen.


Get Intros to Another Team/Department

Increase collaboration by introducing people from different departments or teams (like sales and engineering, etc.)


Create a CEO Coffee Lottery

Randomly select one or more lucky winner(s) to grab coffee and meet with the CEO periodically.

Build Community With Donut

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