Run high-impact mentorship programs, minus the manual work
Automate program signup and matching, meeting facilitation, and reporting.

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How It Works

Journeys streamline multi-step programs through reusable templates that automate employee communications and connections. Schedule interactive message types while reducing manual coordination.

Screenshot of a Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training calendar showing tasks and messages on certain days. Week 1 introduces fundamentals and assigns reading. Week 2 matches participants to practice speeches. A message prompts speech delivery reflection on feeling confident, okay, or not well


Configure workflows like onboarding, training, and mentorship once in your dashboard. Journeys then automatically delivers workflows via Slack or email for each new cohort.

A list of new hires along with their start dates and corresponding onboarding templates like "Full-Time Employee" and "Contractor Offboarding"


Seamlessly scale programs like internships and peer
mentorships as your company grows. Donut Journeys easily
adapts to handle more employees.

3 modal previews that show a text box with copy that says "It's day 30 of the peer mentorship program! lets do a check in" the next modal show timing options like "work day 22 11am" the next modal shows a poll going out to a peer in the mentorship program asking how the program is going so far with an option to add feedback


Tailor Journeys completely with your own messaging, timing, tasks, and more. Flexible templates match your organization’s unique programs.

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Screenshot of a Slack message from Donut introducing Jenna and Raul for a chat about new manager training. It suggests discussing useful tips, differences in soliciting feedback as a manager versus report, and any particular areas of focus on people management.


Facilitate meaningful interactions between employees through
personalized introductions, strategic connections, internal networking, and buddy assignments.

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