How It Works

Donut will post topics that inspire more productive collaboration in the Slack channel of your choosing. Get started in just three easy steps.

Pick a Channel

Get your team talking in any existing channel, or create a
dedicated #watercooler. If you’d like to include other teams,
Watercooler works in Slack Connect and Enterprise Grid shared
channels as well!

Choose Your Topics

Browse hundreds of watercooler topics we know will get the
conversation going, customize your own, or create topics with our AI-powered topic generator. If you’d rather use
Intros and Watercooler together, we’ve got templates that
make setup a snap.

Chat in Channel

Combat Zoom fatigue and include teammates working in
various time zones with asynchronous conversation.

“We are obsessed with Watercooler at Beyond Pricing! It's great for relationship building and giving team members an easy opportunity to connect around something other than work. ”
Jess Kelso Jess Kelso
Beyond Pricing, Head of Support
“Watercooler keeps people connecting and sparks so many interesting conversations. I look forward to the question and taking a coffee break to read the full thread just to learn more about everyone.”
Rebecca Hathaway Rebecca Hathaway
Tango Card, Director of Employee Experience
“Watercooler has been the perfect solution to regain some of the non-work-related banter that we missed so much since being out of the office.”
John Lynch John Lynch
CloudTamer, Chief Operating Officer

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