Quiz: What Type of Donut Are You?

The personality quiz you never knew you needed. Donut be shy, see for yourself what type of donut you are!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? A fire sign or a water sign? Type 9 or Type 5?

Personality quizzes are the best (or at least that’s what my MBTI type thinks 😉), but there’s a huge gap in the personality-typing literature. So, it’s now time to address the age-old important question: What type of donut are you? Do you sometimes feel like a glazed donut, even when you’re trying to be a toasted coconut? Were you a plain cake donut in high school and decided to become a funfetti in college? Have you been an apple cider donut your whole life?

Rise to the challenge and take the quiz—it’s a piece of cake!


See for yourself:




Cheat sheet by type:

A: You’re confident and assertive, like a strawberry glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles.

B: You’re adventurous and modern, just like a hibiscus-glazed donut.

C: You’re classic and reliable, just like a Boston creme donut.

D: You’re totally unique and true to yourself, just like a cruller.

AB: You’re an influencer, just like a galaxy donut.

AC: You’re a legend, just like a cinnamon sugar donut.

AD: You’re a visionary, just like a Cronut.

BC: You take calculated risks, just like a sour cherry jam-filled donut.

BD: You’re ahead of the curve, just like a matcha-glazed donut.

CD: You’ve always done your own thing, just like a powdered donut.

E: You’re a little of everything! You’re a little bit classic, a little bit cool, a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll. You’re always the right choice, just like an assorted dozen.



Do you identify with your donut flavor? Are you a-glazed (bad pun, sorry) at the accuracy? Do you demand a recount? Let us know. Ready to take your donut appreciation to the next level? Check out our virtual backgrounds, Donut emoji packs, and other fun resources on the blog.

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