Run mentorship programs

Run a variety of different mentorship programs, and remind mentors and their mentees to meet at various intervals. Group people based on department, topic, seniority level, or skill set.

Strengthen bonds between employees and leadership

Create opportunities for employees to connect with and learn from senior leadership via CEO lotteries or lunch-and-learns.

Connect around diversity, equity, and inclusion

Join regular #DEI meetings to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion prompts. Collaborate with employee affinity groups to create a welcoming and supportive workplace.

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Allyship in Action

Foster meaningful dialogue and shared accountability for behaviors of inclusion. Create a dedicated channel and invite everyone to join - especially senior leaders.

Watercooler: New Hire Cohort Connections

Conversation starters to help new hire classes build real bonds in their first few months.


Think Human’s Authentic Connection-Starters

Conversation prompts that encourage introspection and vulnerability, like "How do you respond to challenges?" and "Name two of your superpowers."

Un-Talent Show template logo, shown by a deflated basketball

Un-Talent Show

Get to know teammates in a new way through monthly un-talent shows, inspired by Breakthrough Play.