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Allyship in Action

Foster meaningful dialogue and shared accountability for behaviors of inclusion. Create a dedicated channel and invite everyone to join - especially senior leaders.


WFH Buddies

Introduce WFH pros to remote newbies for bonding and support, inspired by AnswerLab.


Peer Mentorship

Create deeper cross-team connections by assigning peers for a 1-hour mentorship session once a quarter, inspired by Buffer.


Create a CEO Coffee Lottery

Randomly select one or more lucky winner(s) to grab coffee and meet with the CEO periodically.


Create a Code Pals Program

Ship better code and ensure continued growth for your team by matching teammates up to review code together.

DEI Mini Actions

Small exercises to start practicing ideas of inclusion and equity on a regular basis.


Deliberate Inclusion by LifeLabs Learning

Help employees practice deliberate behaviors of inclusion and foster connections that enable peer learning.


Empathy Accelerator by LifeLabs Learning

Help employees rapidly build empathy and difficult conversation skills around what they don’t have in common.

Favorite Things

Uncover what you have in common and connect around shared interests.


Funny Food Questions

Build strong connections by answering food-related questions like "Share your favorite pasta noodle" and "What's your go-to takeout order?"


Get Intros to Another Team/Department

Increase collaboration by introducing people from different departments or teams (like sales and engineering, etc.)

Hybrid Walk & Talk

Dedicate time to catch up and stretch your legs away from the screen.


Hypothetical Questions

Share lighthearted hypothetical prompts, from superpowers to what kind of food you would be.


Intro New Hires to Each Other

Give new hires a fellow newbie buddy for support and learning opportunities.


Intro New Hires to Onboarding Buddies

Give new hires a warm welcome and help them ramp in record time by introducing them to a built-in buddy.


Intro New Hires to Tenured Employees

Every 4 weeks intro a new hire to an old hand for networking and knowledge sharing.


Intro Teammates Across Regions

Minimize distance between teammates by introducing people from different locations.

InVision’s Remote-Friendly Connections

Human connection matters. Build community and create belonging like InVision, one of the world's largest distributed teams.

Launch a Mentorship Program

Create skill-specific channels (like #public-speaking) and introduce self-identified mentees with mentors.

Lifechat Starters

Learning Lifechat Starters

Questions to inspire curiosity and connection about Learning

Lunch & Learns for Hybrid Teams

Let people show off their skills and teach the team.


Manager Meetups by LifeLabs Learning

Help your managers connect, grow, and feel supported by offering peer mentor circles. Just create a #leadership channel and invite managers to join.


Mistake Party by LifeLabs Learning

Encourage learning, experimentation, and innovation by inviting employees to share work and life failures in a safe space.

Okta logo

Okta’s Virtual Coffee Program

Is your team working remotely? Give your team opportunities for human connection through biweekly virtual coffees.


Out in Tech’s Topics for LGBTQ+ Communities (and Allies)

Conversation topics inspired by a community of 4,000+ including "Which LGBTQIA podcasts do you recommend?"


Photo Sharing Prompts

Encourage people to share photos with specific prompts like favorite vacation or a childhood picture


Run a Lunch Lottery

Create an automated lunch lottery where Donut selects one group to grab sponsored lunch together each round.

Selfie Contest

Compete against other teams to see who can create the best selfie!


Set Up Sales Demo Buddies

Create opportunities for continuous feedback by matching up sales team members to shadow each other's sales calls.


Share Aspirations and Dreams

Help people get to know each other with prompts like "Do you have a hidden talent?" or "Share a personal goal."

Silly Conversations

Conversation starters that will make you smile and get the conversation flowing

Skip-Level Meetings

Make it easier to regularly schedule skip-level meetings, even as the team grows.


Think Human’s Authentic Connection-Starters

Conversation prompts that encourage introspection and vulnerability, like "How do you respond to challenges?" and "Name two of your superpowers."

Un-Talent Show template logo, shown by a deflated basketball

Un-Talent Show

Get to know teammates in a new way through monthly un-talent shows, inspired by Breakthrough Play.

Watercooler Topics: Bonusly’s Recognition Prompts

Encourage a recognition-rich culture no matter the size of your team.


Watercooler Topics: Default Dozen

12 of our most popular Watercooler topics including "What's your favorite form of potato?" and "What's a song you've had on repeat?"


Watercooler Topics: Learning Lifechat

Questions to inspire curiosity and connection about Learning.


Watercooler Topics: Popular Picks

An assorted collection of popular Watercooler topics including "Who's someone you really admire?" and "What's your go-to karaoke song?"


Watercooler Topics: Social Standup

Fun prompts to get the conversation going about non-work topics.

Watercooler: Intern Class Connections

Conversation starters to help intern classes build real bonds during their program.

Watercooler: New Hire Cohort Connections

Conversation starters to help new hire classes build real bonds in their first few months.

Watercooler: New Manager Connections

Conversation starters to help new managers build networks and support systems.

Weekly Wins for Hybrid Teams

Gather with a new group every week to celebrate each other's personal & professional wins.

Wellness Lottery

Surprise lucky winners each month with a free wellness perk.


Working Style and Preferences

Encourage people to share their working styles and preferences to help build a more cohesive, empathetic, and trusting team.

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