Introduce Distributed Teammates

Create bonds across different geographies, whether you’re in HQ and satellite offices, or WFH across the globe. Using the Cross-Group Intro type, Donut will set up random pairs of people from different geographies. Don’t forget: people will need to self-identify, so be sure to name the cross-group categories (e.g. Location: Portland, Raleigh)!

Donut's Introduce Distributed Teammates Template

Template Details

Templates make it easy to launch new Donut channels in Slack with just a few clicks.

Channel Presets

• Intros every 2 weeks

• Groups of 2

The presets are recommendations, and the channel settings are fully customizable.


• Team building for remote and hybrid teams

• Strengthens employee engagement

• Slack intros to randomly connect team members

Try Introduce Distributed Teammates

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