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Automated people programs lead to better results

Donut enables you to seamlessly connect disparate systems and processes to simplify, automate, and elevate employee impact. By unburdening teams from time-intensive administrative tasks, teams can focus on real business challenges, resulting in increased performance, innovation, and employee retention.

Learn why HR leaders rely on Donut Journeys to quickly build automated programs for onboarding, mentoring, training, and more.

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Drive impact, fueled by trust and connection

Donut channels removes friction from people programs designed to nurture connection and engagement for all types of teams by facilitating automated Intros, posting Watercooler topics, or bringing the team together to celebrate.

Whether you are a globally distributed team, a scrappy start-up, or out in the field, Donut makes it easy to build trusted relationships and foster belonging, right in Slack.

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An employee experience platform focused on outcomes and culture

Think of Donut as your personal people partner. Our platform helps you empower teams to increase productivity, do their best work, and stay engaged.

Donut integrates with leading HRIS and internal communications tools to integrate and automate repetitive administrative tasks often required to power your employee engagement programs.

Unlike cumbersome HR platforms or point solutions, Donut enables you to design critical people programs, including onboarding, mentoring, and employee engagement programs all from a single, centralized platform.

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What customers are saying about Donut…

Boost your team’s alignment, efficiency, and productivity.


of Donut users are more collaborative in their work projects thanks to strong relationships with coworkers.*

* Decoding Distributed Work: Workplace Belonging’s Impact on Team Performance, 2022

“Donut meetings energize and motivate the team by providing an environment of trust, collaboration, and understanding, which can lead to increased productivity and efficiency.”
Nathalie Rosochowicz
HR Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens when I add Donut to Slack?

    Don’t worry, we take privacy very seriously. Only you will be able to see that you’ve added Donut!

    First, click on any Get Started link or Add to Slack button. This will take you to sign in through Slack—the page may ask you to select your Slack team if you belong to multiple Slack workspaces.

    The Slack sign-up process will also ask you to give Donut permission to access Slack. (Donut won’t message anyone without your permission!)

    That’s it, you’re signed up!

  • Will adding Donut trigger an announcement or notifications to my company?

    No: when you add Donut to Slack, no other team members will see Donut until you create a Donut channel and invite them, or add Donut to an existing Slack channel.

    No one else will be notified and no messages will go out to others unless you choose them and give permission.

  • Is Donut free to use?

    Yes: Donut offers a plan that is free, forever. This means you’ll be able to invite teammates to meetups, have watercooler chats, and celebrate birthdays and other important employee days for $0.00. No credit card required.

    If you think you’ll need more functionality than our Free plan offers, you can upgrade to one of two paid plans. The Standard and Premium plans both include a complimentary 2-week free trial to start. To learn more about the different plans’ functionality and limits, please click here.

    For teams greater than 500, contact us to talk about enterprise options.

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