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Connect serendipitously for virtual coffee, peer learning, DEI discussions, and more.

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Connection Programs

Launch remote-friendly, purpose-built programs that create human connection. Get inspired by programs from the best-run remote organizations.


Allyship in Action by LifeLabs Learning

Foster meaningful dialogue and shared accountability for behaviors of inclusion. Create a dedicated channel and invite everyone to join - especially senior leaders.

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Create a CEO Coffee Lottery

Randomly select one or more lucky winner(s) to grab coffee and meet with the CEO periodically.

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Okta’s Virtual Coffee Program

Is your team working remotely? Give your team opportunities for human connection through biweekly virtual coffees.

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Intro Teammates Across Regions

Minimize distance between teammates by introducing people from different locations.

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Donut keeps me sane during this stressful time! I feel like I've met more new people this week as a remote worker than in the past month at the office.
Eddie Jiao Eddie Jiao
Slack, Associate Software Engineer
As a largely remote company, Donut helps us strengthen personal connections and InVision’s company culture.
Clark Valberg Clark Valberg
InVision, CEO and CO-Founder
Donut was the perfect solution for our employee experience program. It's easy for employees to opt in, and strengthens community.
Natasha Vo Natasha Vo
Okta, Global Employee Experience Program Manager

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