Strengthen communication across departments

Introduce teammates who might not regularly connect via direct message, and encourage them to meet or chat remotely.

Help employees level up their skills

Enhance the skills and knowledge of your employees by creating opportunities for learning and feedback sessions via job shadowing, code reviews, or demo days.

Set new hires up for success

Ramp new hires up faster by:

✔️ Matching them to onboarding buddies

📚 Providing resources efficiently

🗓 Prompting 30/60/90-day check-ins with managers

☕️ Introducing them to other teammates for coffee chats and learning sessions

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Set Up Sales Demo Buddies

Create opportunities for continuous feedback by matching up sales team members to shadow each other's sales calls.


Create a Code Pals Program

Ship better code and ensure continued growth for your team by matching teammates up to review code together.


Working Style and Preferences

Encourage people to share their working styles and preferences to help build a more cohesive, empathetic, and trusting team.

Skip-Level Meetings

Make it easier to regularly schedule skip-level meetings, even as the team grows.