Bring the team together when it counts

Celebrate not only company achievements but also personal milestones, such as anniversaries and birthdays, together as a team! Donut keeps tracks of dates and makes celebratory posts for you.

Help employees build internal networks

Empower employees to expand their networks at the office by creating easy, stress-free ways to connect with coworkers.

Strengthen connections through mutual interests

Create authentic relationships and build deeper bonds by prompting employees to discover shared interests with coworkers.

Get started with our Donut Templates

Weekly Wins for Hybrid Teams

Gather with a new group every week to celebrate each other's personal & professional wins.

Wellness Lottery

Surprise lucky winners each month with a free wellness perk.


WFH Buddies

Introduce WFH pros to remote newbies for bonding and support, inspired by AnswerLab.


Photo Sharing Prompts

Encourage people to share photos with specific prompts like favorite vacation or a childhood picture