Mentorship made easy

Donut helps you create learning opportunities by connecting employees looking to learn new skills with experts inside your org excited to coach them.

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How It Works

Donut automates setting up and running mentorship programs. Just make a channel on a mentorship topic, get mentees and mentors to join, and Donut takes care of connecting them and reminding them to meet at regular intervals.

Automated matches

No more manually creating pairs. Donut’s algorithm automatically groups a mentor and mentee (or mentees) in a Slack channel to save you time.

Know how it’s going

Donut takes the work out of monitoring your program to see if people are meeting and gathering feedback. Participants get automatic check-ins to confirm they met and to solicit feedback on the relationship. Download the data or view it in Donut’s reporting dashboard.

Unlimited number of programs

Run as many mentorship programs as you'd like. Donut makes matches within a Slack channel, so setting up mentorship on a new topic is as easy as creating a new one.

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