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Window showing a custom celebration for "Donut Day" to be set in Donut with an example message. There are pink concentric circles behind the window.

Enable collaboration and gathering across teams

A highly engaged workforce means higher performance, profits, and retention — and studies have backed this up year after year.

With Donut Channels, you can keep your employees feeling connected and celebrated, while reaching your own goals for HR. Bring teammates together for virtual coffee [and donut] chats, send automated messages to celebrate birthdays and other occasions, and jumpstart authentic conversations around the virtual watercooler.

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Host more collaborative, engaging virtual meetings

Whether you work remotely, in the office, or a mix of both, virtual meetings can get tiring. Zoom fatigue, anyone?

Ditch these dull meetings and set the tone for more productive, engaging ones instead. With Donut’s Zoom Icebreakers app, you can start conversations that’ll spark collaboration and connection among teammates, as well as a more impactful meeting.

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Help your teams build new levels of trust and creativity

Brainstorming and feedback sessions can be intimidating for many people, but they’re important for team collaboration. Help your teams build the trust needed to communicate better — in these sessions and day to day.

Use any of Donut’s nine exercises in Figjam to host more creative, impactful meetings. Simply download the widget in your Figma instance and watch collaboration rise.

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Customer Case Study: Okta

Okta, a global data security company, was looking for employee collaboration software that would help them build engagement programs and measure the impact of those programs.

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